Personal Training

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We have a staff of certified, experienced personal trainers to help assist you on your fitness journey. To guide and educate you on how to safely and effectively meet your goals. 

$30 First time fitness consultation, where we talk about your goals and assess your readiness to exercise.
$30 Nutrition consultation with a two week food plan.
$35 For a one hour, one on one personal training session.
$30 Per person for a one hour group personal training session with two or more people.

Call to leave a message to set up an appointment (989) 401-5567, E-mail us at:, or contact us on facebook:


Roy Bates

Roy has 35 years of personal training experience and been a competitive body builder since the age of 15, holding several titles throughout his career. Roy's knowledge as a body-prep specialist is second to none. From competition prep to post rehab training Roy has the knowledge and experience to safely help anyone meet their fitness goals.  Contact Roy today!

Master Personal Trainer
Masters in Personal Training
Certified SCW Personal Trainer
Certified Sports Nutritionist
Certified NETA Group Fitness Trainer
Certified Indoor Cyling Trainer
Certified Paraplegic Trainer
CPR Certified



Rwaida Bates

Rwaida has been a fitness instructor for over 20 years. She has an unmatched energy about her that makes everyone who trains with her or does her classes feel at home. She is highly knowledgeable and motivating. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, or compete in bodybuilding, train with Rwaida to feel like the best you you can be!

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor
Certified Sports Nutritionist
Certified Pre-natal Trainer
Certified Indoor Cycling Trainer
CPR Certified



Robert Schlitt

Robert works with people of all ages and fitness levels. He specializes in general health and wellness for the average person. He uses a one on one approach to help people meet their goals safely and effectively through education and self empowerment.

Advanced Certificate in Personal Training from Delta College.
AAS Health and Fitness Specialist Degree from Delta College.
CPR Certified